X Factor

Simon: Britney, Wear A Bra Plz

So WHAT if the biggest star of the world finds bras annoying and would rather be a free bird. She’ll rock it and take the $15 million while she’s at it, but big boss Simon Cowell isn’t as cool with it, according to new reports.

“It was made clear she is expected to be impeccably dressed and made-up for the show,” a source told The New York Post.

Britney was advised to improve her hair, make-up and wardrobe choices after she arrived at the filming of an episode wearing an outfit that revealed she had gone bra-less.

Simon asked her to “smarten up” when it comes to her looks.

“And none of those ragged hair extensions.”

X Factor reps denied the rumors Simon ordered Britney to sack her stylist. Duh, cause Britney’s looked flawless every taping.

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