“We really don’t want to see In The Zone go that soon. We’de love to see Britney’s new music video, Outrageous. First of, the last single can’t be Everytime which is such a sad song. Britney gotta finish this era with a positive single and video. Ok, we know Britney got a serious knee injury and we know how much pain it was and still is for her. We do not want Britney to hurt herself even more by doing some dancing or whatever, we just want the video for Outrageous to be released! It can be in any way, really! Add some scenes from the Onyx Hotel Tour, do some face shots, add parts with Britney just siting or standing. There’s no need for more dancing, you shot enough already, we just want to see Britney! We don’t want to act like the fans that want everything and all that, we just want our idol to do this for us to keep us happy and with something new before she fully recovers and comes back. We love you Britney =) Good luck to you and Kevin!


Thanx to some loyal fans for helping me puting this together! We don’t want to bother anyone, we just want our opinion to be heard! If Britney doesn’t finish the video, it’s alright! We just want her to do what she feels like doing, but we want her to know how we feel 🙂 You can sign this or not… You decide! I think, though, that we can do something with this. We’ll see 😉 If you own a site, please post about it! You can also post about it in forums, send emails… It’ll help a lot! I don’t know if we’re doing right… I just don’t know anymore, anyway! Lets give it a try… If we never try, we can’t get anything right?”

credit: Kevin from ubritney.com

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