Sia’s already anthemic ‘This Is Acting’ single “Unstoppable” gets a melancholy re-working from producer Ariel Rechtshaid.


Sia’s already anthemic This Is Acting single “Unstoppable” gets a dramatic re-working from producer Ariel Rechtshaid which now features Pusha T and percussion from Afro-Brazilian marching band Olodum.

Sia’s recent release got an artistic makeover for a new Olympic campaign with Gillette. Chopping off the triumphant breeziness of the tune, Rechtshaid transformed it into something more menacing, which spun Sia’s uplifting vocals into a downward spiral despite the song’s message: be invincible.

“I’ve been a fan of [Olodum] ever since I was listening to my parents’ Paul Simon records,” the producer tells Billboard. “Sia, who’s a friend of mine, and then Pusha T came in towards the end because the song felt like it could use his edge and a verse on it.”

Listen to the new remix below:

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