Sia didn’t include this on her recent album ‘This Is Acting,’ but she should have.


Whoever turned this track away made a huge mistake.

Sia’s recent No. 1 record This Is Acting is a collection of songs that artists like Adele and Rihanna rejected because it either didn’t fit their voice or strayed too far from the album concept.

Instead of leaving her work on the cutting room floor, the elusive singer picked the songs up and chucked them onto a record which features legitimately great tracks like “Alive,” “One Million Bullets” and “Move Your Body.”

Another cut that was left for dead is a dance track titled “Hologram,” which mysteriously projected itself onto the Internet on Thursday (April 28). The demo version features blaring horns and a punching beat with Sia’s powerhouse vocals singing about fading love.

“Now the power’s out / You are thin air / What an illusion / Could have sworn that you were there / Smoke and mirrors / You were just a hologram.”

It’s another reason why Sia continues to wow audiences. Not only can she put on a transformative show like she recently did at Coachella, but she’s a mastermind in the vocal booth, too.

Listen below:

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