This is acting.


David Russell has decided to block BreatheHeavy on Twitter because of this report. He also deleted several of the Tweets, but the text is still readable below.

In fact, many others who expressed themselves with an opinion that disagreed with his were blocked.

Mr. Russell, if you don’t want to hear another side of the story, maybe leave your thoughts off of a massive public platform like Twitter. Feel free to email us at breatheheavydotcom[@] if you would like to clarify.


This is acting.

For one reason or another, Katy Perry loves to bring up one of Britney Spears’ lowest lows. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Grammys this past Sunday, Seacrest mentioned she took time away from the spotlight. “Yea that’s called taking care of your mental health,” Perry said. Seacrest asked, ‘how’d that go?’ “Fantastic,” she replied. “I haven’t shaved my head yet.”

In a separate interview at the awards ceremony, Perry mentioned shaving her head “which I’m really saving for a public breakdown.”

Not only did her comments send the Britney Army into a frenzy, but a dozen major media outlets reported on it and condemned Perry for mocking mental illness.

The “Roar” singer has yet to apologize. She is probably blissfully unaware of the brute insensitivity, but weighing in on it all is Sia’s manager, David Russell (Sia co-wrote Perry’s new song “Chained To The Rhythm”).
“gay twitter is really too much with this made up drama about Katy making fun of Britney’s mental illness,” he wrote. “First: Britney isn’t the first woman to ever shave her head. Second: Katy has spoken at length about adoring and loving Britney. Third: really? Britney Spears is the go-to example of mental illness, despite never having publicly admitted being mentally ill? that’s a lot of drama, anger and misdirected vitriol for someone who has kept all her personal issues private. Even Our Lady Of Cheetos is shaking her damn head at all these dramatic gays. wanna help Britney? Request “Slumber Party” on the radio!”

Then he threw in this Tweet to seemingly prove his fandom? Or justify the rant?

Correct, Britney is not the first woman ever to shave her head, but Katy was clearly not referencing the hundreds of thousands of women throughout history who have done so. And why is he localizing the backlash to gay twitter? As if the LGBTQ community is exclusively outraged at her comments. While the Glory singer has not directly addressed any notion of mental illness, it doesn’t open the door for criticism. And it certainly doesn’t excuse Katy’s tacky humor – whether she adores her or not.

I think it’s time to go outside now.

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