BreatheHeavy has a new theme song, and it’s sung by Sia.


Sia’s still breathing.

We’re one day away from Sia dropping her new single “Alive” from her forthcoming record “This Is Acting,” but to tie us over she shared 15-seconds of it. Needless to say, there’s lots of bellowing.

Funny story… the single was originally meant for Adele (which finally sees a proper release date).

“It’s about [her] life, so now I sing the song from [her] perspective,” Sia told RTVSlo recently. “I have these songs made and they have [been] rejected, but [they] seemed… good, so I kept [them for] myself.”

The “Chandelier” singer debuted the cover art earlier this week, an androgynous photo where Sia, in typical fashion, makes no appearance.