A wonderful moment.

Sia releases charity single to end HIV.

Sia has released a brand new song entitled “Free Me” as a charity single that will raise money for the continuous research and treatment of HIV and AIDS.

The accompanying video stars actress Zoe Saldana as a pregnant woman who is diagnosed with HIV and follows her emotional journey from diagnosis to giving birth via interpretive dance.

Saldana’s performance is exceptional, as is the song itself and the entire purpose of its release. A truly incredible move on Sia’s part.

“HIV/AIDS is the No.1 killer of women of reproductive age worldwide. Go to endhiv.com to support a promising new AIDS cure. Together we can end HIV,” reads Julianne Moore at the end of the video.

The song is available for download and stream from tomorrow (June 9) and all proceeds will be donated to endHIV. You can also visit the endHIV website to donate to the cause.

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