Sia: I Gave Britney Spears "Perfume"

Britney and Sia worked together on a few songs for “Britney Jean,” her most personal album to date, but some fans are up in arms after the “Chandelier” singer said she GAVE Brit “Perfume,” insinuating the two never actually wrote together.


Sia tells VH1 about songs she’s given to other artists:

“I mean I did like ‘Perfume.’ I would have kept that for myself, but Britney [Spears] is a really sweet gal and I was happy to give it away…

Britney, oh yeah, I did write with Britney! [Laughs] “Perfume” I wrote that with Christopher Braide and I delivered it to them… Most of the time I don’t work with the artist because I’m so fast it often dilutes the process. I’m like channeling, what I’m doing. So when I have anyone interrupting that flow, it just slows me down. But there are obviously artists that I make exceptions for.”

She clarifies in the interview she DID in fact write with Brit Brit, but it’s a little hazay. Do you think some fans are twisting Sia’s words?

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