Sia has another reason to swing from the chandelier!

Everyone’s favorite singer/songwriter can add another achievement to her very long list because last night she picked up the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) award for Songwriter Of The Year – her third in a row.

APRA’s CEO sung the praises of the 39-year-old, dubbing her one of Australia’s most acclaimed songwriters:

“This is an unprecedented, and very likely, a never-to-be-repeated achievement by one of our most talented songwriters”

The elusive star did not attend the event, instead making Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz accept the award on her behalf while wearing a blonde wig. Okay then!

Furler also took home the Song Of The Year award for Chandelier.

Check out Pete’s/Sia’s acceptance speech videos after the jump!

Songwriter Of The Year

“Thank you for giving me this award for the third time…I am the ******* Michael Jordan of the APRAs. Thank you. Three-peat — He won three championships, and three more. So hopefully I’ll do that too.”

Song Of The Year

“Thank you. I never knew that I would write such an epic song about chandeliers. And I actually the song’s not about chandeliers, it has a deeper message than that. But, when I listen to it, I just can’t imagine that my voice can go higher, and then it does — in the chorus.”