But give it a listen anyway.


“I don’t care about the song.”

Sia admits she doesn’t feel a strong connection for her Kanye West co-produced, co-written song “Reaper” off her album This Is Acting out Jan. 29.

“I know in print that will look bad, but what I mean is I’m not emotionally attached to it,” she explains to Rolling Stone. “I thought it was a fun song. I think it’s a good, fun song, but I didn’t anticipate it being on the record. But my manager really likes it so I put it on for him.”

Sia released the track list on Wednesday (Jan. 7).

The record features songs she wrote for other artists, including Rihanna and Adele, but were rejected for one reason or another. “I feel like they’re hits, but nobody wanted them,” she says of the tracks on the new LP, which have been written during the last few years. “So I thought, ‘Let’s see, as an experiment, if I’m right.'”

Listen to “Reaper” below:

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