Listen to her powerful new song “One Candle.”

Sia is unstoppable.

It’s quite fitting Sia released songs titled “Alive” and “Bird Set Free” ahead of her contribution titled “One Candle” for the “Racing Extinction” documentary, a film to raise awareness over mass extinction.

On August 1, images of animals were projected onto the side of the Empire State Building and soundtracked to Sia’s song with Antony of Antony and the Johnsons created with composer J. Ralph.

“The whole projection event happened live in front of thousands of people and was choreographed in sync to ‘One Candle’ and [Antony track] ‘Manta Ray,'” J. Ralph tells Rolling Stone. “Both songs are essential to the film’s narrative and integral to the awareness campaign worldwide. Our hope was that we could inspire people with the understanding that every individual has the power to create global change from even one small idea.”

Racing Extinction premieres on Discovery Dec. 2 and explores how the human race has destroyed many species passed the point of no return.

“As an animal advocate, how could I pass up an opportunity to turn the volume up on this issue?” Sia says. “I am proud to lend my voice to this important film.”

Listen below: