Check out the next cut to be lifted from ‘This is Acting.’


Faceless superstar Sia is continuing to promote her forthcoming seventh studio album.

Following lead single “Alive” and buzz track “Bird Set Free,” Sia has given us another taste of ‘This is Acting,’ slated for release on January 29th, this time in the form of pre-order gratuity, “One Million Bullets.”

Boasting a moody instrumental, lyrics about unconditional love and Sia’s signature vocal acrobats, “One Million Bullets” is a solid offering. As with all Sia tracks, you can’t argue that she’s not a fantastic singer and she certainly knows how to set an atmosphere.

However, the track is nothing new for the Australian singer-songwriter. “One Million Bullets” follows the formula set by hits like “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” but doesn’t really attempt to add anything to them. It’s a legitimate pop song, very listenable and further proof that Sia is one of the most reliable lyricists in the industry, but given how similar it is to her previous work, it ultimately feels forgettable.

What do you think of “One Million Bullets?”