Sia: Britney Fans Are Awful, Apologizes

June 26, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Once Britney fans found out singer / song writer SIA was working with Britney, they freaked.

In fact, the stans were so outspoken it freaked Sia out a bit! Sia tells Elle magazine:


I just stopped tweeting – the Britney fans are crazy. Just because I worked with Christina Aguilera, the Britney fans are like, ‘You’re a nobody; you’re just riding on her coattails.’ They’re awful.

Yes, Shia, yes we are. Hence why Britney has the strongest fanbase in 2010!

Sia updated her Twitter on Saturday, apologizing for her remarks, saying:

ps i am a crazy britney fan. sorry that came across as such a sweeping statement. not intended. i was referring to some twittermeanies.

Now, let’s play nice and send Sia some LOVE. All is forgiven!