Should We Blame Kevin For Spears’ Tears?

September 24, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears might be suffering from a touch of postpartum depression. Unlike Tom Cruise, we won’t point the bony finger of blame unto Britney’s possible vitamin deficiency or the absence of Scientology in her life. No. We’re gong to blame it on her useless hubby, Kevin Federline. Now, if she is, indeed, “crying through the smiles,” (as one friend told Life & Style Weekly), we feel for her. Having a husband with the IQ of a rock can’t be helping things. Sure, she chose him, but still. You’d think at some point the nincompoop would grow up, right? But according to, Britney, who is going through her post-C-section blues while worrying about getting her figure back, also was weeping because Federline forgot their anniversary, and tried to patch things up by buying Britney a sapphire “mother’s ring.” Probably with her money. We wonder if he bought Shar Jackson, the mother of his two other children, any “baby-mama” rings.

Source: Seattle Pi