In another ~shocking~ discovery in the Britney-Kevin custody case, Kevin has been spending a lot more than he’s earning… a.k.a. POOR! Britney’s lawyer Stacy Phillips “filed documents challenging the legal fees that Brit was ordered to pay for Fed-ex. Phillips claims K-Daddy “understated his income by at least $200,000.” She also says Federline buried all sorts of personal expenses and pretended to have $800,000 worth of business expenses,” according to TMZ. (NICE TIMING)

It gets better, court documents state what Kevin has been spending all his money on, and well… Mark Vincent Kaplan has his work cut out for him. “According to the legal papers, Federline grossed $544,074.73 from his production company, “Gooseneck Productions” in 2007, and his expenses totaled $841,128.67. Phillips says Federline’s so-called business expenses included “extraordinarily high tips for food and beverage services [e.g., $1,100.76 tip on $2,782 bill; $200 tip on $371.29 bill; and $2,000 tip on $365 bill].

I’m glad he’s so charitable with Britney’s money giving several thousand dollar tips to his fleet of his skank-hos. And enjoy the list below of places Kevin used his BUISNESS credit card account for:

“Ralph’s grocery store, Toys ‘R Us, Babies ‘R Us, Encino Park Liquor, Garrett Popcorn Shop, Blockbuster Video, Ikea, Smart & Final, Onstar Service Plan, Big Fish Games, Target, Boston Market, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Party House Liquor, Waste Management, Quiznos, The Spirit Shoppe, Roundtable Pizza, Honey Baked Ham, Burger King, Foot Locker, The Liquor Works, PF Chang’s, Victoria’s Secret, Privilege, Ann Taylor, Wendy’s, Chili’s, NikeTown, In N’ Out Burger, and of course, Corbin Liquor.”

According to new legal docs, in a recent eight-month period, Kevin blew $50,489.71 on hotel rooms and refreshments in Vegas. And in one day alone, K-Fed dropped $2,632.50 at TAO Beach (the pool club at The Venetian). And on one wild evening, he spent $2,862.60 at TAO nightclub. One day at the Hard Rock Beach Club — $3,008.33

Oh yeah, and…. at Scores **********, he once spent $365, but left a $2,000 tip.

Buisness as usual!

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