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She’s Coming! Christina Aguilera Teases New Era

Christina Aguilera informally announced her new era.


Christina Aguilera informally announced her new era.

If you’re an Xtina fan (you are), you’ve been waiting a hot minute for her new tunes. The singer has been teasing her new era for some time now (receipts), but her latest post is the biggest indicator yet that something is on the way. I believe!


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Report: Christina Aguilera’s New Album Drops In May And Sounds Like “Mostly Pop With Some R&B”


Christina posted a cryptic video today (April 29) alluding to the forthcoming epicness we can expect to see in the coming weeks. It’s worth mentioning there’s a rumor that her album is expected to drop in May. Read more about that here.

We’re ready!

See the new post below:


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