She’s Coming. Christina Aguilera Was Spotted On A Set!

December 14, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Christina is about to break the Internet.

Break the Internet, Christina.

The Internet (including myself ugh) gives Christina Aguilera a hard time because she has promised for years that her album ~is coming soon~. It’s kind of become an inside joke amongst her millions of fans, but it appears we’re inching close to an actual era.

The pop star has switched up her style, plumped up her lips and now has been spotted on a set.

Xtina fans put on their detective caps and have reason to believe Christina participated in a photoshoot for Dazed magazine.

Yes, it’s a bummer that this wasn’t for a music video / album shoot, but look at it this way… she wouldn’t ready a new magazine shoot if it wasn’t going to coincide with a release. Would she? It’s also worth mentioning Dazed has been creating some pretty iconic covers over the last several years, so this should be an intriguing collaboration.

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