She’s just being Miley.

Oops!… Miley Cyrus was chatting with fans on a live stream when she accidentally showed a white board with what appears to be the tracklist for her forthcoming album.

If we are to believe it’s accurate, the LP, which is rumored to be titled She Is Miley Cyrus, drops on November 23rd.

According to the screen grab, Shawn Mendes is featured on a track, as is Cardi B. The LP features a couple of the She Is Coming EP tracks and her most-recent release, “Slide Away.”

Check out the alleged tracklist below:

  1. “Sagittarius”
  2. “Mother’s Daughter”
  3. “Slide Away”
  4. “Party Up The Street”
  5. “American Dream”
  6. “Naked” featuring Cardi B
  7. “Golden G String”
  8. “Mary Jane”
  9. “Victoria”
  10. “Cattitude”
  11. “Bad Karma”
  12. “Play With Fire” featuring Shawn Mendes
  13. “Coldblood”

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