Shawn Mendes Denies Fan An Autograph Because He’s Convinced It’ll Be Sold Online

June 12, 2017 By Jordan Miller

Shawn Mendes needs receipts.

Shawn Mendes needs receipts.

Demi Lovato isn’t the only musician that’s convinced their autographs are sold for profit. A video of 18-year-old superstar Shawn Mendes shows the singer arguing with a guy asking for an autograph because he believes his signature will be auctioned off.

The man tells Mendes it’s for his sister, but to no avail. “Do you sell the signatures or not?,” Mendes asks. He even asks the guy to say the words “swear to God.” He does. Then the pop star made the guy call his sister to confirm before eventually giving in. He does.

I’m undecided whether this is tragic or epic. Clearly, there’s nothing holding him back.


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