Shark Attack: Katy Perry’s Lawyers Prey On 3-D Artist

February 6, 2015 By Jessica


[Jaws theme intensifies]

The Superbowl Shark saga continues today with another bizarre development.

BBC reports that Katy Perry’s legal team is none too happy with someone attempting to capitalize on the infamous shark with two left feet (flippers?) we were all introduced to during the singer’s Superbowl Halftime Show.

The person in question is Fernando Sosa, an artist who owns the website and specalizes in 3D printed sculptures. His designs include basically every public figure who has ever been turned into a meme in recent memory.

Sosa posted the cease and desist order from Perry’s lawyers on his Instagram.

Here is the cease and desist from Katy perry’s lawyers.. Note that I never mentioned her name or implied that i got permission to make this.. #leftshark #rightshark #3dprint

He is now campaigning for donations to set up a legal fund, which pretty much confirms he’s willing to take one of the richest celebrities in the world to court! Over a shark!

She’s gonna need a bigger boat!