Britney spent her pre-wedding hours on Saturday at Burke Williams Spa in Los Angeles. Coincidentally, Kevin’s ex, Shar Jackson, was at Burke Williams in Orange County on Sunday.

Shar, who did not attend the wedding, spoke exclusively to Access Hollywood about the nuptials. Shar expressed relief that they’ve finally taken the plunge, hoping some of the media scrutiny will die down now.

“I hope that everything kind of calms down a little more,” Shar said. “It’s done folks. They did it. It’s over so maybe we can all breath a little bit easier.”

Access spoke with residents from the Studio City block where the ceremony took place and one neighbor described the evening as “pandemonium.”

“I thought George Bush was next door with all the secret service,” joked neighbor Jonathan Kelman.

“It’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in this neighborhood,” added resident Daniel Graf.

-Access Hollywood.

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