Meet Mama Britney
With a lavish wedding to dancer Kevin Federline in the works, pop tart Britney Spears is now trying on another role: step mom. Us Weekly reports Federline’s 2-year-old daughter Kori – whose mom, Shar Jackson, delivered their second baby yesterday – spent nearly a whole day with her dad and his bride-to-be in California. Shar did set a few ground rules: no smoking, no alcohol and no canoodling in front of the kid. “It would have confused her,” Jackson told the maggie. Jackson had said weeks ago that she didn’t want Kori to meet Federline’s fiancĂ© before she did, but it appears she relented. During the Britney-Kori confab, the chicks painted their nails and went swimming. “It seemed like she had a blast,” Jackson said. Brits even gifted Kori with two new Polo bikinis, a beaded purse and a charm bracelet. Great – a pop tartlet in the making…

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