Britney Spears has buried her war of words with hubby Kevin Federline’s ex, and hired her as the couple’s nanny! Kevin walked out on eight months pregnant Shar Jackson when he met Britney, launching a bitter feud between the ex-Moesha star and the pop princess. But insiders say Britney’s become concerned about how little time Kev’s spent at home since the birth of their son, Sean Preston, so turned to Shar for help. Shar’s all too familiar with Kevin’s wayward ways so offered to look after the baby while Britney and Kev patch things up.

“Kevin walked out on Shar when she was eight months pregnant with Kaleb, so he could be with Britney,” said one source. “But ironically the two girls have become very close since Britney became a mother. And they often look after each other’s kids. Shar was the first person Britney turned to when Kevin started going out partying and playing golf, instead of looking after her and their new baby. Shar suspects Kevin is envious of the amount of time Britney spends with her son. So she’s looking after Sean to give Britney more time with Kev. They hope that by uniting all of his children under one roof, and creating a cosy, domestic atmosphere, he’ll want to spend more time at home.” But Kev’s yet to be convinced by his new living arrangements. “It was a bit of a shock at first. But it’s really helping him realise how important family is. He’s just stunned that Britney came up with such a cunning idea. He always thought she was a sweet, naïve little angel.”


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