Shar Jackson has talked to JoJo on LA’s KiiS FM to clear up some rumours about her and stuff…

“Kevin kinda just decided he didn’t wanna be in a relationship anymore I guess. He decided to start a relationship without telling me and start a new one. You know I went through my phase. It happens, but i’ve moved on.”
“Latest rumour is that Britney bought me a house. My friends have been calling me asking about it. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it, i’m waiting for someone to give me an address. *laughs* But no, it’s not true.”
“The paparrazzi’s so bad. Somebody reported that somebody was trying to sneak into the hospital when i was having the baby. It was just bananas.”
“I don’t even talk to her yet. She is gonna be part of my kids life. She’s gonna have to talk to me. I’m gonna have to talk to her. And to clear it up, she hasn’t bought me anything. I’m a grown woman.”

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