Ran into a newly svelte Shar Jackson (don’t go overboard ‘n’ all Kate Bosworth on us, babe!) at Saturday’s Midsummer Glam Jam fashion show, where Snoop Dogg and David Banner were performing. Since Shar told me she was working on an album herself, I was dying to know how she thought ex-partner Kevin Federline’s album would turn out.

“His album will be really great,” she said, all bubbly and child-support bank-account correct. Is that *****y of me to say? Never mind.

“It’s gonna be amazing,” she added, as if she sensed I didn’t believe her.

“Uh, have you heard ‘PopoZão’?” I asked.

“I would take that with a grain of salt,” she said, beating me to the pissy diss. “I think he was just testing the water.”

Hmmm, okay, let’s take a look (if we must). So, K-Fed purposely puts out a single that stinks to try to confuse the public? I highly doubt he has the marketing prowess to pull that one off. Really, sounds like a weak excuse for a sucky song, if you ask moi.

I inquired if Shar had plans to collaborate musical efforts with Kevin in the future. “No, we’ve already collaborated!” said Shar. “We have two kids together! That’s enough.” Agreed.

Speaking of maxed collaborations, I was curious if Ms. J., slinky in her do-me threads, and Brit were on good terms these days? So, of course, I asked.

Jammin’ Jackson assured me there were no hard feelings between the former and current Federline canoodlers. Damn.

But still I pressed. (Shar is so used to me doing this she just rolls those brown babies higher and higher every time. Did S.J. have any advice for Brit, who’s due to have number two with Kevin this September? ‘Cause we know Shar’s had to pull off a second round!

“Pregnancy is a tough thing to go through,” she said, suddenly sage and sass-free. I mean, this honey so knows what it’s like to be preggers while the world is watching you and your partner and screaming every snitty thing they can think of in the press.

“She should just chill and take some time out for herself,” advised Kev’s other baby-partner.

Chill? Britney? Don’t think so. Ms. Spears, I have it on good authority, is still dead-set on a fried, dyed ‘n’ pushed-to-the-side publicity campaign that most definitely does not include chillin’. Perish the classy thought.

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