Actress SHAR JACKSON has accused a cosmetic surgeon of attempting to sell photos of her and ex-partner KEVIN FEDERLINE’s young children to two US tabloids. Former MOESHA star Jackson invited Federline and his superstar wife BRITNEY SPEARS to a joint birthday party for their children KALEB, one, and KORI, three, in Malibu, California, last month (31JUL05). Jackson hosted the cowboys-and-Indians themed party at Beverly Hills surgeon DOCTOR FRANK RYAN’s ‘Bony Pony Ranch’ in the hills of Malibu, but alleges the doctor took photos at the event with the plan to sell them to Us Weekly and the National Enquirer. Jackson’s spokeswoman JULIETTE HARRIS tells gossip site, “Shar thought it was really slimy. They have a hard enough time as it is without someone selling their family photographs. “I was contacted by two magazines – Us and the National Enquirer – who told me that he was trying to sell the pictures. I called Dr Ryan and he told me that yes, he was selling the pictures. “He said, ‘Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m not some yahoo. I give this to charity.’ And then he hung up on me. “However, Dr Ryan’s assistant AMANDA, insists he would never sell the images without Jackson’s permission. Amanda says, “Shar said she didn’t want her children involved, so, of course, we didn’t sell any pictures. There were other family members taking pictures there. We sold no pictures because Shar asked us not to.”

Source: ContactMusic

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