Actress SHAR JACKSON blames herself for her ex-boyfriend KEVIN FEDERLINE leaving her to marry BRITNEY SPEARS – because she urged him to move to Los Angeles to find work.

The former MOESHA star was six months pregnant with Federline’s second child when she learned that he had embarked on a romance with TOXIC singer Spears.

And mother of four Jackson admits she told dancer Federline he had to go and look for work after she became fed up with supporting him.

She tells America’s STAR magazine, “Ironically, I was the one who said, ‘Hey dude, you need to get a job. The thing where I’m the only one with an income is not going to work.'”

So in April of last year (04), Federline went to Los Angeles for auditions and met Spears while out partying one night. They eventually embarked on a romance, before getting married in September (04).

Jackson adds, “I was hurt really, really bad. It was the stupidest thing to think that Kevin would leave me when I’m six months pregnant with his baby. I just couldn’t believe it.”

Jackson and Federline now enjoy a civil relationship as they raise their two children. She notes, “At the end of the day, life is too short to hold grudges.”

Credit — BritneysMind.Com

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