Former “Moesha” star Shar Jackson – whose longtime boyfriend, Kevin Federline, left her and their two children to marry Britney Spears – is sick and tired of living in the pop tart’s reflected glare.
“I was my own person before the whole Britney thing,” Jackson told me yesterday. “I was an actress and a celebrity before the whole Britney thing. And if this has been the focus, that’s pretty upsetting.”

Jackson said she was more concerned about the sudden death last week of her “Moesha” co-star Lamont Bentley, 31, killed in a car accident on the San Diego Freeway.

The 28-year-old Jackson’s outburst came in response to my questions concerning whether Federline, 26 – Spears’ second husband – has been living up to his responsibilities as a father.

I’m told that Jackson has been complaining privately in recent days that Federline hasn’t been contributing financially to the upkeep of his 2-year-old daughter, Kori, and 5-month-old son, Kaleb.

Yesterday, Jackson, who also has two children by other men, denied she’s been complaining. And a PR rep for Spears and her hubby told me: “Kevin loves those kids, as does Britney. He and Britney take turns baby-sitting, not only the two kids by Kevin, but for all four of Shar’s kids. Kevin contributes, as he should.”

But a knowledgeable source insisted: “Shar thinks he’s not taking care of his responsibilities. She doesn’t want anything for herself, just what her kids are entitled to – especially if he’s making all that money being Britney’s husband. … Brit gave him all of the money from the wedding pictures she sold – $2.5 million. Shar thinks the kids should have a trust fund.”

Yesterday Jackson told me: “Those are not my views at all.” But she declined to comment on details, saying simply: “Kevin and I are fine. … Honestly, whatever we’re working out, that’s nobody’s business.”

And then, another burst of frustration: “Nobody’s asking my next-door neighbors what arrangements they have! Everybody really should stay out of our business!” thanks

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