Despite rumors and speculation around Hollywood, there were no weekend wedding bells for Britney Spears.

So instead of Britney the bride, it was Britney…the babysitter?

Indeed, it was one big happy family outing as Spears played stepmom over the weekend to beau Kevin Federline’s daughter, Kori, at the Malibu Country Mart.

Britney and Kevin were babysitting Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson’s two other children: 9-year-old Cassie and 11-year-old Donnie, as well as Kevin and Shar’s 2-year-old, Kori.

And after the Country Mart, the group hit Burger King and then made it a Blockbuster night. But before picking up the kids, Kevin called to wish his ex a happy 28th birthday – and what better gift then to take the little bundles of joy out of mama’s hair for a little while.

Access Hollywood was with Shar during her birthday weekend where she sat down with our correspondent Lizza Monet Morales to talk about her close encounter at Joseph’s night club last Monday.

“We went in, danced the night away and then Kevin and Britney showed up,” Shar told us. “It was cool, so I went over and said ‘Hello.'”

But the rumor mill was churning out a different story.

Rumor #1: Shar stormed Britney and Kevin’s table.

“I stormed over to the table?” Shar asked in disbelief. “Dude, I’m such a laid-back person. I’m not storming anywhere.”

Okay, let’s try the second tidbit of speculation.

Rumor #2: Shar was stopped by security.

“Not I said the cat,” Shar said with a smile. “Her security is actually a good friend of mine…so unless he stopped me in the name of love, it didn’t happen.”

Alright, strike two.

How about the most outrageous rumor of all? Well, we didn’t even have to ask.

“Can I clear one more rumor ’cause I heard one,” Shar asked Lizza.

“Please do,” Lizza responded.

“I heard we had a dance-off, Britney and I,” Jackson revealed. “This is not ‘You Got Served,’ so none of that happened. It’s not ‘Breakin’ 2′ – no ‘Electric Bugaloo.’ I’m not doing any dance-offs…not unless a camera is there. No, I’m just kidding. It’s just jokes.” Thanks Access Hollywood

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