The drama never ends. Who can she trust? Apparently, Britney’s axed assistant Shannon Funk isn’t going away quietly. In fact she had arranged a dinner with Perez Hilton, someone who openly expresses his distaste for Britney, “to talk” about why she is no longer with Britney. Reports were that Shannon was not doing her job, letting important buisness matters fall to the way side (cough OK! Magazine cough), as well as not attending to the kids. Funk says of the reports that “that’s not how it went down.”

According to Shannon, she had received a ton of calls to spill the beans for a big paycheck. Shannon says she did not sign a confidentiality agreement when she was under Spears’ employment.

Shannon claims that she’s already been offered up to $500,000 to talk and that she has pictures, though she refused to elaborate to us what those photographs were.

How about Shannon, you talk with a real Britney fan. Just puttin’ it out there.

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