Pity party anthem.

Shania Twain released a buzz track titled “Poor Me” off her forthcoming album Now, and it’s distractingly similar to The Chainsmokers Grammy Award winning song, “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya.

Now that that distinction is out of the way, let’s get to the new tune. It’s a sulky, slow-tempo song about the crumbling of her marriage and the aftermath of it all.

“Poor me this, poor me that / why do I keep looking back?,” Shania croons. “Poor me this, poor me that, it’s not white, it’s not black / Grey’s the color that I see / still can’t believe he’d leave me to love her.”

The production, aside from the obvious, feels sugary and light, but the lyrics paint a very different picture; there’s still a lingering regret in her voice.

“That’s the farthest side of feeling really sorry for myself, you know, in life, and I’ve been there many times in my life over various things,” the country singer told Rolling Stone. “To me, [that song] was the epitome of that emotion.”

Listen to Shania’s pity party anthem below:

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