Shania talks album delays, her Vegas residency and writing without Mutt.

Shania Twain checked in with USA Today to discuss all things album related.

One of the most unexpectedly anticipated albums of the year is undoubtedly Shania Twain’s as-of-yet untitled comeback record, but according to a conversation with USA Today it won’t be out as soon as we’d hoped.

She says that her recent residency in Las Vegas was a large part of why the album has been delayed, commenting that “Vegas was a giant undertaking. That slowed the album process down.” She also reflected that her upcoming US tour is also getting in the way of her album – “It won’t be any easier, and it will be frustrating for me.”

In regards to her self-imposed August 28 deadline for releasing the album, Shania implies that she’s unlikely to hit her mark but claims that a single will be released while she’s 50, which is a promising statement.

Plus, it’s not all bad news, Twain claims that she has “enough songs for two albums at this point,” because she’s “been at it for two years.”

The question that’s been on everyone’s lips is how Shania will go about making an album without the help of ex-husband and longtime co-writer and producer, Mutt Lange.

“Mutt was an amazing songwriting teacher. He never interfered with my writing style and the way I approached songs. I learned a lot from him, and I think I was a great student. I would bring in a whole bunch of stuff to him, then we would sit together and hash through stuff.

“That’s the part I’m not doing now. I’m not bouncing anything off anybody else and waiting for direction or a reaction.

“I think my writing style will still be very clear. A lot of time has passed. I guess a departure would even be expected, it has been so many years.”

Although it’s certainly disappointing not to get new Shania material as soon as we’d expected, there’s no doubt that Shania taking her time is no bad thing. Although at this point the record is a decade later than people may have hoped, a well thought out and well executed record is a far better idea than a rush release for the sake of it. And moreover, we’ve waited for thirteen years for this album so in the grand scheme of things, what are a few more months?

What do you think? Are you willing to wait for Shania Twain’s return?