Twain — who has sold close to 80 million albums worldwide — is facing some mighty fierce competition on Nov. 9 — Britney Spears is also releasing a greatest hits collection that day.

“I didn’t know that,” said Twain.” I don’t think it’s going to interfere at all on a competitive level, because we have such completely different audiences. There’s some crossover, sure, my 12-year-old fans, my eight-year-old fans, I have a lot of kid fans, they’re probably her fans too. I know they are.

“But my fan base is so wide that I can’t imagine that their parents are buying Britney’s album. Their parents are buying my album. Their grandparents are buying my album. So it’s a different audience in that sense, but there’s probably some crossover there.

“Besides, things are long-term. I’ve got three singles on this CD. This isn’t just about the first day. This isn’t just about the first week. My records never have been anyway. This is about what’s going to happen over the following year.”

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