The most wonderful time of the year.

Shania Twain and Nick Jonas harmonize on “Say All You Want For Christmas.”

At first glance it might seem like an odd pairing, but we could see this coming from a mile away. Last year, Jonas gushed over Shania after seeing her perform in Las Vegas.

“Shania Twain, lifetime crush,” Jonas said at the time. ORLY? “Shania was always so incredible at making iconic visuals for her music, as well as being cutting-edge production-wise. This video and song are, in a word, legendary,” he added. Months later, Shania invited Nick on stage to sing a duet of “Party For Two.” She had nothing but really sweet things to say about him.

Cut to a year later, the two teamed up again, this time in the studio. They recorded an original holiday hit named “Say All You Want For Christmas.”

“I’m gonna love you like / Like it’s always Christmas Eve,” they sing together over a tender piano melody. “And I’m gonna sacrifice the selfish part of me/ And when we’re all alone and I hold you close/ Everything I need/ Say all you want for Christmas is me.”

It’s no “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but anything Shania records is gold. Check it out below:

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