From the ‘Sheep Plays Wolf’ short.

A lot changes in a year.

Just ask 21-year-old Las Vegas native Shamir, who hasn’t put forth new music since 2015’s Ratchet. At that time, the rising singer was beginning to feel comfortable in his own skin, err… voice, honing his craft while facing pressure to conform.

“…I used to get bullied and picked on a lot for my voice, even by other musicians, because they just didn’t get it,” he said. “And that’s when I sat down and realized that, you know, this is my instrument and I have to take control over it. I have to know what I can do with it.”

What he’s done since is produce a legitimately amusing song for his new short film Sheep Plays Wolf. It features “Shamir and the Walrus Whiskers” playing a simplistic guitar-pop number called “Tryna Survive,” Spin reports, and it goes a little something like this…

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