Shallows Premiere Stunning Sophomore Single “Empire Of The Animal”

June 3, 2016 By Aaron

Listen to one of the best chill-pop moments of the year so far.


“You are what you eat and you are starving.”

LA-based duo Shallows have followed their extremely promising debut single “Summer *****” with an even more interesting cut, “Empire of the Animal.” Despite being relatively unknown, the duo (Dani Poppitt on vocals and Marshall Gallagher on, well, other stuff presumably) are making waves with this synthy, shuddering midtempo that sounds a little like a cross betwee Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed” and the better bits of Marina & the Diamonds’ ‘Froot.’

The track is a cutting analysis of a former-lover who isn’t pulling their weight in a relationship, Poppitt describes it as “the plea of a fiercely impatient lover, fed up with her partner’s apathy and refusal to fight for their relationship.” Lyrically incisive and melodically compelling, it’s another strong moment for the fledgling pop act.

Check out their earlier effort, “Summer *****”.

You’d like to imagine that a track as brilliant as “Empire of the Animal” would be the start of a shining career for Shallows, but experience shows that not every amazing synth-pop duo makes it in this industry. Let’s hope Shallows are the exception.

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