So basically, this tour was created for everyone BUT Britney and her fans…

According to new reports, Britney will spend an astounding $7.2million on her “staff” this year.


Better yet, the site claims Britney will make $100 million from her “Circus” tour.

Another ha!

Here’s the breakdown:

Britney, who pays her father / conservator, Jamie Spears, $16,000 a month, will also have to shell out an additional $24,000 in 2008 for “office fees” for Mr. Spears.

He works at home.

Additionally, Britney will pay her mom over $200,000 just for being ~Lynne.~ This total is excluded from the profits Lynne is making off her book, Through The Storm, her gigantic “poor me” rant and the exploitation of her daughters.

Commissioner Goetz, the authority in Britney’s conservatorship case, ordered that an attorney for Britney’s brother Bryan be paid $4777.50 “for services rendered in December and January.”

This does not include the several hundred thousand dollars Britney has been paying Bryan.

Britney’s on-again, off-again manager, Larry Rudolph (where the hell has he been lately?), will receive up to $1.5 million this year.

Britney, not Jamie, will pay “eight bodyguards who work in shifts round the clock each earn $150,000, adding up to a personal security bill of $1.2million.”

Britney will also shell out $480,000 this year to ex-husband, Kevin Federline, “made up of $20,000 per month in ‘spousal support’ and $15,000 a month on nannies for their sons Preston, three, and Jayden, two.”

This excludes the additional $5,000 a week Kevin will receive by following Britney around on tour with his ***** girlfriend.

Speaking of tour, Britney will reportedly pay her “Circus” tour staff a total of $616,000 a month.

And Brett? ***** apparently makes $100,000 a year for being the official dog **** picker-upper.

This does not include the millions of dollars Britney will spend on lawyers fees this year, including the two lawyers Britney recently hired in her latest lawsuit with Sam Lutfi, which will cost $935 an hour.

Don’t forget about her conservator and custody lawyers, but you get the idea.

So is this tour really for us? or simply there to pay off astronomical legal and family fees?

It’s OK, as long as there’s shiny costumes and bright lights, we can just forget the real issue at hand and sweep everything under the rug.

Tour kicks off in 9 days!

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