If Shaggy had to do it all over again, he’d try and make a lot more money.

Shaggy's Says His Music Is Always Evolving & Changing: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Shaggy has come a long way since his “It Wasn’t Me” days.

The Jamaican-American reggae superstar talked about his 2014 single “I Need Your Love” featuring Mohombi, Faydee and Costi, but has some wise insight thanks to his decades-long career in music.

“It feels like every Shaggy song is different,” he tells BreatheHeavy.com of how his music has changed since the start of his career. In hindsight, there were several instances he wished for a do-over (to actually make money), including releasing songs titled “Tease Me” and “Wind Your Body” – both ended up getting recorded by others.

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“All of these people have actually did it – that style of music that I created and came up with and made a shitload of money and I was like… I’ve never repeated what I’ve done, I’ll never do it again. I did go back and wrote another song, a song called ‘Bombastic,’ which was much bigger. I could have rode that horse for a minute,” he laughs. “I could have rode that wave for a minute and made so much more money.” He says of his music, “I think it’s always evolving and always changing.”

Shaggy adds his recent single, “Only Love” featuring Pitbull and Gene Noble, was “a reinvention where I’m at right now.”

“If I had to repeat myself over and over again,” he says, “it wouldn’t be as much fun.”