This is comedy. Some company called iSoldIt is selling a top Britney wore back in June shopping at Ralph’s on eBay. Oh and the seller assures the bidders that Britney was wearing this top “braless!” Like omg!

Want to know how they got this? This is a quote from the seller: “This outfit comes to our store from her personal assistant and is guaranteed to be the actual outfit Britney wore on that day.” It’s probably that ho Karla, and she’s probably in on some of the benefits. Bets anyone? I give it 2 months before she opens her mouth to Us Weekly. I mean OK! Magazine can’t have all the exclusives!

Current bid starts at $1050. Let’s see how high this **** can go.

And if you want to feel better about your life, check this out.

“It even still smells like Britney!”

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