Britney was spotted by paps attending the In The Heights Broadway musical show in New York City this evening. Dressed in a simple black dress and some kick *** shoes, Britney waved to fans and photogs as she made her grand entrance. In The Heights was nominated for thirteen Tony Awards, and won the Tony Award for Best Musical last month. She looks kick ***! Click below to view:

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UPDATE: Audience members at the Richard Rodgers Theatre tell OK! that Brit was ushered to her seat once the lights were dimmed for the opening number.

“She looked really good,” said one theater patron about the star. “I saw her hair and her sparkly eyes.”

As the musical’s cast began to take their curtain calls at the end of the show, Britney was rushed out of her seat – but it wasn’t so she could head back to her hotel right away.

“She came backstage,” says In the Heights star Doreen Montalvo. “She was so sweet and generous. She took pictures with the cast and musicians.”

According to co-star Robin de Jesus, Brit was “totally cool,” when she came backstage. “She was freaking awesome.”

That sentiment was echoed by actress Karen Olivio, who told OK!, “It’s always great to have another performer there for you.”

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