Britney spent about 35 minutes behind-closed-doors with judge Reva Goetz discussing the status of her conservatorship, according to

“I did meet earlier with both Jamie [Spears, Britney’s dad and conservator] and Britney individually,” Goetz said. “I had a nice conversation with Britney…about how things are going with the current state of the conservatorship.”

Says Eonline:


“Spears and her father both arrived and left the court separately. Jamie arrived around 8:30 a.m. and Britney showed up an hour later. Britney looked like she could be heading for a night out – sporting a backless black dress, black ankle booties and waist-length blonde extension. She left without speaknig to reporters.”

Britney’s next court date was set for Oct. 14.

After leaving, Britney picked up her boys up from a daycare center in Encino, CA.


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