Selena Gomez’s New Music Isn’t About Justin Bieber

December 23, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Who?

Glad THAT’S out of the way.

Selena Gomez’s new record won’t have any songs about ex Justin Bieber, because she’s been there done that #TheHeartWantsWhatItWants. Besides, there’s only so many times we can hear a song about Justin Bieber before our ******* wad.

Instead of crying over a bowl of ice cream, Selena is spending time with family & friends, focusing on her new album, but most importantly is blocking all of homeboy’s calls.

Selena’s spending the next few months recording new music to release in 2015.

“She is working on new music but songs about Justin are not in the plan,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Her new album is going to be a completely new sound and a new vibe. She wants to gear things more toward Ariana Grande and EDM. Moving on, she also wants to move on from Justin, so her songs, even though everyone will interpret them to be about Justin, are not about him at all.”

Selena confirmed she’s working with Stargate, and hopefully it’s a therapeutic process for her seeing as she’s still all about the Biebs… allegedly.

“There are lots of guys interested in her. She’s getting a ton of attention, but she’s still so obsessed with Justin. It’s really hard for her to move on,” the source said.

Obsessed though?

She probably hasn’t seen him with his blonde hair yet.

Stay strong, Selena. Stay strong.