Gomez discusses unreleased ‘Revival’ cuts “Hands To Myself’ and ‘Camouflage.’


I mean I could but why would I want to?

Selena Gomez sat down with Vevo to detail several album tracks, which include the singles “Good For You,” “Same Old Love,” and possible upcoming releases for “Hands To Myself” and “Camouflage.” The 23-year-old performed “Hands To Myself” at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier this month and filmed a music video for a new Revival cut last week, which we assume is for one of the two previously unreleased songs.

On “Same Old Love,” Gomez doesn’t mention Justin Bieber, but it’s safe to say part of the song’s meaning revolves around that roller coaster relationship (for the record, the two were spotted together last week). “Everybody kind of goes through a cycle — whether it’s friendship, a relationship, family. It’s different for everyone but you have to understand what that is and why you’re in it. It’s just kind of got that angst in it. You can hear it, there isn’t faking that, there isn’t faking any of the emotions that I put on the record… I think people need to hear that.”

She details “Hands To Myself” as a song unlike anything on radio right now. “It was one of the last songs that I had recorded. We thought we had the whole album together. It was more, ‘what are girls not doing? What are the vibes that are happening?’ We got a little Prince-esque in it, a little of a whisper going on, and the idea is fun. It’s so intoxicating when you get that feeling, being infatuated, not really caring, being free with it. It’s a little cheeky, it’s fun.”

She describes her lead single “Good For You” as “so ****” before discussing the heartfelt, vulnerable ballad, “Camouflage.” She says it “is the only ballad on the record for a reason. It is a vulnerable moment for me. When you’re in that moment of being in love you feel like you’re being seen by everyone. And then when you lose it you feel invisible, and you feel devastated. Whether you ignore it, whether you live your life, whether you get back into another situation, you have to have those low moments to appreciate the high moments.”

She finishes up the chat saying right now is the most confident and comfortable she’s ever felt in her life.

Watch below:

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