The new era of Selena is truly upon us.


Selena Gomez takes to Twitter to premiere the cover for her second solo album, ‘Revival’.

Ahead of her rumored follow-up single “Same Old Love”, Selena has revealed the artwork for her new and improved sound, baring all for the ‘Revival’ sleeve.

The black and white image is the very picture of simplicity, featuring a barely made up and – most notably – apparently entirely **** Gomez. Quite the change from her Disney days of old, but a most welcome change, as she looks stunning.

Due out on October 9th, ‘Revival’ is set to be a decided departure from Selena’s previous endeavors and – if lead single “Good for You” and this latest image are anything to go by – a far more adult sound. There’ll be detractors, but Selena looks incredible and this only serves to make us more excited for what 2015 has in store for the “Come and Get It” star.

With the announcement of her album cover are three new “Good For You” remixes that premiered on Spotify today (Sep. 8):

Is the ‘Revival’ artwork good for you?