An evolution.

An evolution.

Gomez has missed a couple of huge opportunities to perform “Bad Liar” since its release several weeks ago (cough Billboard Music Awards cough), but the pop star is making up for lost time. She dropped by a couple of radio shows this week to gush about her forthcoming album, including a chat on SiriusXM where she revealed an interesting tidbit about her new material.

“All of the new music that’s coming is very different from the Kygo record [‘It Ain’t Me’] to ‘Bad Liar.’ The next one is completely different from ‘Bad Liar,’” she said.

That’s extremely intriguing considering how good both songs are in their own right.

She adds her next release is around the corner. “It’s an evolution and I know it’s different and I just wanted it to sound like something I’ve never done before.”

It gets better… A Revival followup is imminent; Gomez says she’s already recorded around 20 new tunes.

Listen here:

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