It kicks off May 6 in Las Vegas.


Selena Gomez will sing her biggest hits at the Revival Tour, minus the emotional ballad “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour kicks off in Las Vegas on Friday, another step towards adult independence as a young superstar. It’s the first time she’ll hit the road as an artist outside of the Disney-owned Hollywood Records, and will perform songs she executive produced for her 2015 LP.

“I haven’t toured for two years, and there’s such a difference when you perform music that you created,” she tells EW. “Singing songs that represent everything I am is just the best feeling in the world.”

Here are songs Selena Gomez intends on performing (unless she isn’t).

“Hands to Myself”

“For all of my songs, I’ve got my full band, and everybody is just bringing a different flavor to everything that we’ve done. All the songs have their own charms to them. None of it really sounds like the record. ‘Hands to Myself’ definitely changed the most.”

Good For You

“We had to speed it up; it was a little slower. We added more support with a guitar [in] the middle to pick up the pace. But it sounds beautiful.”

Come & Get It

“I love Stargate more than anything, but it’s very difficult for me to perform live. It’s not my song. To me, it sounds like a Rihanna reject. I’m currently in the middle of figuring out what it’s going to sound like. I’m working with Stargate on the new album—they did ‘Same Old Love’ with me—and we’ve created such an awesome relationship. That was just in the beginning. I was so young. I was wanting a hit: ‘I don’t know if I need a hit, but maybe I do so people can respect me?’ I’m grateful what [‘Come & Get It’] did for me, so it’d be stupid not to acknowledge it.”

Who Says

“That song [makes me] cry to this day because I know what it did for me when I was 16 singing that song to kids on their dads’ shoulders. That’s when I recognized I had influence on a generation: ‘Who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not beautiful? Who says you’re not worth it?’”

“The Heart Wants What It Wants”

“There are things that I can’t do. I won’t be performing this on this tour because I don’t want to. It’s like when you smell a scent and it takes you back to a place that maybe wasn’t the best place. That stuff is a little bit more difficult.”

“Love You Like a Love Song”

“That was produced by Rock Mafia, who I’ve known since I was 14. They produced the first single I ever released, which was ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ for a TV movie I did. They’ve been with me forever. They know my tone and they know where I can go. [‘Love You Like a Love Song’] was the first time I felt like it was my sound. When you hear it, it’s my song. That was such a great moment for me. We did an even cooler version for the tour. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than to go back and visit that.”

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