Selena Gomez confirms new single out June 22.

Woah, woah, woah. Selena Gomez can’t casually drop in on a Friday afternoon, confirm her upcoming single is titled “Good For You” out June 22 then swiftly exit without any further details aside from a behind-the-scenes shot of her writhing around on the floor (versus the blurry shower shot). She did though, and it’s leaving us with a lot of questions…

’Good For You.’ JUNE 22. Now who would like the first look of my new music video?”

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1. Is it an uptempo pop banger like “Come & Get It,” or depressing and slow like her ballad for “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

2. Is it a response to anything Justin Bieber posts on Instagram? New selfie? Good for you. Selfie with Kendal Jenner? Good for you. Flashing abs? Good for you.

3. Or is it Taylor Swift’s wise words advising Selena to ‘do what’s good for you’ A.K.A. move on from Justin Bieber.

“Selena’s voice sounds amazing and her album will be much different than the Disney sound she’s done in the past,” her vocal coach Stevie Mackey told Hollywood Life. “This album will be more adult, more feminine and more about Selena’s experiences. She’s recorded a lot of new songs at this point and she sounds beautiful.”

As for our burning question about the Biebs… “She doesn’t mention [Justin Bieber] directly, but one could deduce that she is. Most artists sing about their present or past relationships in their music.”

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