Selena Gomez has her sights set on single three.

Selena Gomez has her sights set on single three.

Pop fans rejoice! Selena Gomez’s third single is an uptempo! It’s a welcome change from her previous two releases, “Bad Liar” and “Fetish,” both of which steer clear of the club banger formula. The pop star chatted with fans in a live story on Instagram and threatened to tease the song, but never did. Instead, she mused that it was “really upbeat.”

This is a good sign. “Fetish” and “Bad Liar” are sticky and sweet… it’s time for something savory, and a proper club dance track is a piece of the pie fans are hungry for.

Earlier this summer, Selena explained how the various tunes came about.

“I spent a year in the studio, and now I’m putting all of these pieces together, and it’s coming a lot faster than people think,” she said. “But that’s what makes it great, because there’s a little mystery to it, and it sounds so separate from everything else I’ve done. I mean, from the Kygo record, to ‘Bad Liar’ and the next thing that’s after ‘Bad Liar’ is so separate from that, it’s just me trying to figure out where it’s gonna go. And I don’t really have a set plan, but a lot of new music is coming for sure.”

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