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Selena Gomez is responding to the hate with her music.

The “Revival” singer found herself in controversy this past week when she stupidly involved herself in Taylor Swift’s drama and, more importantly, made some comments on the Black Lives Matter movement.

After tweet-deleting and going dark on social media, she has shared a clip of her latest single “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” reworked as a piano ballad.

The synth-pop whistle bop’s lyrics take on new meaning when stripped back, and the metaphorical message can relate to many issues around the world today, regardless of whether Selena is only doing this to defend her pop squad.

“The world can be a nasty place / You know it, I know it, yeah / See we don’t have to fall from grace / Put down the weapons you fight with.”

Gomez revealed she recorded the new version of the song on her birthday (July 22) but didn’t share when we will hear it in full, only saying “coming soon”.

Listen to the clip below.

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