Selena Gomez displays enduring resilience on Rare.

Selena Gomez debuted a gorgeous-looking visual for “Rare.”

The album title track kicks things off. On it, Gomez sings over a plunky beat, gushing about the good gooey feeling of self-love. “It feels like you don’t care / Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare,” Gomez croons. “Make me feel rare.” Gomez went on the record to say “Rare” is one of her favorite songs ever.

There’s also a couple other gems on Rare, including the funky, disco-tinged “Dance Again” and the pulsating banger, “Let Me Get Me.”

There’s also a few mid-tempo / slow songs worth your undivided attention. “Kinda Crazy” will put ya in a mood. “Cut You Off” is an airy ditty about sucking out the poison left from an ex. And “Vulnerable” will send a shiver down your spine mid-shimmy.

Rare was worth the wait.

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      1. Gahhh… I sold my MacBook recently to a friend and I’m living that iPad Pro life, but that means I can’t download **** unless it’s from the iTunes Store. 😭

        Sigh…. just a few more hours.

    1. I’m on my second spin. It’s good. ❤ it’s not groundbreaking though. It’s very Selena. The sound is very her. Her brand. But she’s not changing the landscape of pop music or anything – and i’m okay with that. It is better than REVIVAL.

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